What features do you like about the OSP Q3 mod?

I’m curious what features people like about OSP over baseq3. The reason being that I might add some to a new game if I get around to making one.

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Imo that would be:

  1. GUI/HUD improvements
  2. Force enemy model and other gameplay enhancements for more competitive game
  3. Voting system, extended logging and other improvements in server administration

Thanks for your response.

Too many to count, but I do really like the MOTD box, and voting system - It’s also good due to all the major gametypes in one mod - I find that when playing at LANs, people lose interest really fast if the game doesn’t intermittently have everything including fast downloading, people are not very understanding - So I try my best to hand out IOQ3 plus whole mods like OSP that have straight DM as well as commonly played gametypes like CTF and CA at the click of a button without installing other mods… basically, making it easy for impatient people that itch to go back to rocket league, call of duty or warcraft.

Or, if the game itself is too hard and too fast, they go back to camper… opps, counter strike :wink: