Would anyone be willing to make me a mod?

Hi All,

After my previous thread Nuclear Monster suggested the best solution to my issue would be a custom made mod.
Sadly I lack the skills and knowledge for that kind of thing so I was wondering if someone may be able to make one for me which I am sure would be useful for the general Q3 community as well.

So what am I after?

Well in a few months time I am attending a large gaming event here in the UK and amongst the other stuff I am taking for people to play on I will be taking a 4 player LAN setup running Q3.
But because this event is being attended by the general public and not just “experienced gamers” if you will I need to try and make the process as easy as possible for them to just play rather than having me hanging over their shoulders typing in console commands to restart games or connect to servers etc etc.

So what I would like to do (if this is even possible) Is to make the process fairly idiot proof and sit down and play.

So what I am thinking is this.

1 computer will be the listen server and the other 3 clients will connect to it.
Once connected all 4 players will stay active in the game but their will be a AFK timer whereby if the player is not active for a time period say 1 minute the player will be forced into spectator mode and score reset to 0, Then a bot will spawn to replace the player until someone else sits down and presses a button at which time the bot will be kicked and the player will resume playing.

Bonus points if it can disable or alter the escape menu so it stops people closing down the game.

I think this would be a fantastic mod to run LAN parties playing Q3 where the people dont know all the finer details of how to connect to a game etc etc.and allow anyone regardless of age or ability to just sit down and play.

Currently the way I have it set up is to just have forced respawns turned off so if a player leaves the player is just left dead until someone replaces them.

So if there is anyone willing to help me out with this I would be really appreciative :slight_smile:


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