Wishlist for ioQuake3

Hy there. I have a wishlist for ioQuake3:

  1. Bullet marks on doors and moving platforms
  2. Aspect correct wide screen FOV and HUD (PLEASE!!!)
  3. PNG screenshot support (on by default)
  4. OGG support (on by default)
  5. No punkbuster icon in multiplayer menu

Is there a chance???

Some of these features would break compatibility with older clients, some of them are already implemented and off by default as you’ve noticed. @zturtleman has a pk3 that fixes the aspect issues.

The mentioned pk3: ztm-flexable-hud-r2.pk3 [EDIT (Nov 2017): Link Removed.]. See the included read me file for what cvars enable features.

EDIT (Nov 2017): The current version is at https://clover.moe/flexible-hud-for-ioq3/

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Some of? Details Please. Thank you!

ioq3 has Ogg Vorbis support, but none of the others.

Possible feature?:

Load maps from a subdirectory on server?
This way maps can be sorted better

  • CTF (baseq3/ctf)
  • DM (baseq3/dm)
  • Defrag (baseq3/defrag)

Calling a map would be:
/callvote map ctf/mapname

and; maybe a ! command to allow players to see what !maps are on the server?.
At the moment, my clients don’t know what is listed on the server. so they don’t check out other maps.