Running ioquake3 on Ubuntu - Map path help required

I’ve looked everywhere and tried everything I can think of but just can’t suss it…

How do I add \ play on downloaded .pk3 map files in ioquake3 \ skirmish?

what is the full path for them on ubuntu please, I found a few baseq3 folders which are read-only, but console says map cannot be found to \map [name] if I copy .pk3 map files into them with admin access.

Please help!

Brilliant job with ioquake3 btw, just like it used to be back in the day : )

Try typing /fs_homepath in the console. The location it prints should contain the baseq3 directory that you need to put map pk3s in.

If that doesn’t work you could try /fs_basepath as well.

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you should also be able to lob them in the general direction of ~/.q3a/baseq3 under Linux as under-described in the Player’s Guide.

thanks for the help guys but still no luck. tried all paths & restarted q3 but can’t seem to see new maps, ci.pk3 as an example. got a screenshot of dirs and q3 console [hope it shows things ok]. any ideas? : /

I don’t think this feature will work well with the demo data, or if it does, we most likely can’t support that configuration. You’ll most likely be missing textures, sounds, and other data the new maps need from the disc/steam/gog.