Ioquake3 on macOS Sierra/team arena maps packs

first I want to thank the ioQuake3 team because Quake 3 runs pretty well on macOS Sierra and I have a lot of fun playing the game (nostalgia).
However I have a few minor issues: the game does not recognize the numbers keys on the keyboard. I have to bind the weapons to others keys (odd, it’s the same with Quake 1/DarkPlaces engine).
About the team arena official maps packs: I’ve downloaded the files in my missionpack folder (except the batch files, where??) but the game does not show them (btw it’s the same with non official team arena maps, no problem with Q3 custom maps on the other hand). Any idea?
Thanks again for ioQuake because I’m not happy with modern video games. I still have a lot of fun playing Doom (and its plethora of addons) and Quake 1 & 3. Keep up the good work.

PS: what is for (I use

It’s a front-end, a launcher.

Please immediately upgrade to a test build.