Flexible HUD Mod for ioq3


Aspect correct widescreen HUD on q3dm11.

A ioquake3 baseq3 mod with aspect correct widescreen HUD support and HUD scaling options.

Download: https://clover.moe/flexible-hud-for-ioq3/

I made it in 2013 to allow specific behavior requested by @trodas on the old ioquake3 forum. It reuses the widescreen support from Spearmint Quake 3. I’ve linked to the release 2 version (ztm-flexable-hud-r2.pk3) directly in a few post on here. I’ve edit the posts to point to my website so the newest version can be found.


Personally i think this is the most important and impressive work to ioquake3! Thank you so much zturtleman!

Your work should also be available in the ioquake3 download or extras section as a mod or patch, or even better, applied to the ioquake3 source code , so every player can profit from your work (there are still people who can not or do not want to use patches or mods).

Anyways, these are just some thoughts, you did a great job! :+1:


I also think this should be supplied by ioquake3 by default, however, ioquake3 loads the original Q3 VM files rather than the native libraries compiled by ioquake3. There’s already a few differences between these; for example, ioquake3’s libraries (which can also be compiled as QVM files) support cg_drawGun 2/3 for left/center-aligned weapon display.


Hi! Can you make a version for Team Arena?


Yes, I’ll have to backport some code from Spearmint Quake 3. No schedule for when I’ll complete it at the moment.


Thanks! Spearmint looks interesting.


no longer working with latest ioquake3


It should still work. Check that vm_cgame cvar is 2, which vm/cgame.qvm console command reports the ztm-flexible-hud pk3, and set cg_stretch cvar to 0 (and optionally other cvars listed on flexible hud web page).


Flexible HUD mod release 4 introduces support for Quake III: Team Arena and updates to latest ioquake3 source code.


Thanks, working great now! :smiley: