Scripted huds in spearmint

Here is my QC style custom hud I made in superhud editor. my goal is to have it working in spearmint.
I cannot reply to my previous comments about editing the hud in this thread: Flexible HUD Mod for ioq3 - #17 by zturtleman, so I had to make a new post.
from what i gather, i will have to edit the engine by inserting the code that allows it to run scripted huds, however i am wholly inexperienced with this. the extent of my experience lies in creation of the hud.
it would be nice to get my hud working in a nice clean spearmint install instead of cpma and really would appreciate the help.

If you play Quake 3: Team Arena (on vanilla Quake 3, ioquake3, or Spearmint), there is built in custom HUD support (the achieved tutorials I linked just talks about code changes for ideas for improving it). I don’t know of a GUI editor for Team Arena HUDs though.

CPMA uses a different format for custom HUDs than Quake 3: Team Arena. I found some documentation here. CGame mod code changes would be needed to support CPMA HUDs. It has control for many elements that Team Arena HUDs cannot change. is no help for CPMA HUD support. Adding support for this would be difficult if one is not familiar with C programming and Quake 3 modding.

that makes sense.
I’ve just settled with the vanilla hud, i’m running 1.01 and i must say so far i really like it. the weapon z axis is a little sucked in and i cannot change that with the available weapon fov adjustments, so where in ioq3 the weapon length is more visible in spearmint they’re too far back, or, they simply aren’t adjustable within that axis. setting fps to 144 results in 166 but i’ve seen that before in other engines.
everything feels great though, i really like it. here it is in action: Quake III Arena - Alien Temple - YouTube