Multiplayer mods

Hello, first of all I want to congratulate you on your enormous work! Quake 3 has always been my favorite game and I have installed ioquake3 with several friends to play on a private server. We have a lot of maps and we like to play in CTF and FFA but I was wondering if there is no other mod for multiplayer games… :thinking:
I heard about unfreeze but this mod dates from 2002. I also saw on the site of openarena the mod “Last Man Standing” a mod FFA mixed with Clan Arena. I would like to know if someone has successfully set it up on an ioquake3 server. And if yes, how? In addition, do you know of other cool mod compatible with an ioquake3 server?
Do you have configs to share? Last point: Clan Arena never worked on my server it’s, is it compatible with ioquake3?
Thank you very much for your future advice. :grin: (and sorry for my bad English)