VS2013 64-Bit Build

This applies to ioRTCW as well.

It seems MASM 2013 does not like the files:

The two declaration lines
^^These don’t build under 64-bit. Stashing these lines in the ifndef section leads to the program crashing after level load. Running the debug build says it exits with error code 2.

I’m not an assembly programmer so I have no idea what’s going on in this file.

One thing ioq3 has been GREAT about is the OPEN MINDEDNESS of open source and keeping around MSVC, even though it’s the class clown as far as compilers go.

Update: Found this on Bugzilla.

Going to test the patch and see if it works.

Patch worked on both ioRTCW and ioQuake3. GIT should be updated if the changes don’t cause problems to MinGW build.