Is there a compile tutorial?

Hi there,

I’m after the latest version of IOQ3 that is available in source on GitHub, I’m no programmer but I am tech savvy, so I’m after a tutorial on how to compile latest version(s) of IOQ3 - including third party applications and environments that would be required.

Can anyone point me in that direction?.


What platform do you want to compile ioquake3 under? Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Windows (32 or 64 bit)

The best way to build on windows is through mingw and msys. Our test builds are built whenever a commit is made to the github repository. So, if you’re not looking to make changes you can use that to just play ioquake3.

Ok thanks for the two links, I’ll play around with compiling, it’s also good to have the test builds there too, it’s primarily for the server hosting benefits IOQ3 offers.

Side note to that: I’ve seen mention of the protocol change (68 > 71) and with that helps defend off the known DDoS spoof attacks, keeping it at 71 and not using the legacy protocol, how effective are these fixes?, though I’ll still host safely with DDoS protected hosting services.