Msvc X64 build and the VM

I understand that the VS Solutions only have the x86 build setup as it is the default, but I am working towards configuring the build for x64. I am curious if anyone has accomplished the task of compiling ioQuake3 in x64 using Visual Studio. I am perplexed by Microsoft’s decision to exclude support for x64 inline assembly.

I am currently facing some difficulties in making the VM_CallCompiled function operational with x64 on MSVC, and I may have to resort to installing the GCC toolchain, which presents no issues with x64 builds.

In my attempts to resolve the issue, I experimented with rewriting the function using intrinsics, and although the engine ran, I encountered opstack errors when loading a map. Unfortunately, I lost the changes due to a power outage in my area, but I intend to try again.

Perhaps someone with expertise in the virtual machine could offer insight into the process. Otherwise, I plan to invest time in studying the system to determine if I can rewrite it in a manner that is more compiler compatible for various compilers and architectures.

The program was executed successfully, but unexpected behaviour was observed during gameplay. After thorough analysis, it was concluded that adopting the Clang-Toolchain via MSYS2 would be a more efficient alternative, thus discontinuing support for MSVC.