Compiling on Windows 7 64-bit: What works for me

Note: This works for me, I don’t have your computer, I have my own, so ymmv.

  1. Grab two files:

  2. Extract these files where you like.

  3. Inside the new msys directory, run postinstall/pi.bat and answer the questions it asks. MinGW is installed in the mingw64 directory where you extracted the files before.

  4. Grab the ioquake3 source from github and extract it where you like.

  5. Create a file in the ioquake3 directory named Makefile.local. This file must have exactly one line in it:
    WINDRES=windres -F pe-i386

  6. Run msys.bat from the msys directory and change to the ioquake3 directory.

  7. Type make.

  8. Post here when something goes wrong.