Powerweapons War

Powerweapons War. This mod is available from https://sites.google.com/site/q3powerweapons/
It has been crossbred with IOQ3 and is an on-hand grapple mod, making it pro, as opposed to the old off-hand grapple which is amateur.
The weapons I believe, are radically different from older mods, and for example, the Buzzed/Wired cluster missiles with real homing capability will thrill. There is no server running, and this mod is untried by the public.

Way to go :wink: Lets bring back the “good ol’ days”

Thanks. I’m sorry for not being around, things have been hard and I’ve got no internet for now.
That will change one day.
That was kinda what I had in mind. Except now it’s professional. The “good ol’ days” never had Pro Powerweapons, so we all got bad ass, and had nowhere to go from there. This one has the missiles to die for… literally :slight_smile: and the on-hand grapple makes it more difficult. I’d encourage a peek at this mod, if for nothing else, the missiles, the rail shotgun, and my personal achievement, possibly the greatest weapon of mass destruction, the conflagration lightning gun. You can literally hold back an army, and this is WAR. Designed for CTF, this isn’t like any Q3 mod ever seen, I think. Feedback is welcome.
On the IOQuake3 part, a side note. I couldn’t get my system to handle anything but the basic lcc compilation. So I couldn’t get all of IOQ3 in there. It has every single bit I could squeeze in though. Anyone interested in helping should email me, I’m open to doing work here, but there’s things I just can’t get to.