IPAD friendly Powerweapons v10 CTF

Tried the port of IOQ3 for the IPAD and have a new CTF version of Powerweapons with first time on-hand grapple for this type of mod.
Noticed little things like, you can’t use the gauntlet, so took it out.
IPAD Friendly Pwrweaps CTF is Unlagged, features Brainworks AI, and has respawn protection from Beryllium mod.
Works great with PC or IPAD.
IP :27962

there’s no iPad version of ioquake3?

Yes sir there is, it’s called Beben, and supports Q3, Open Arena, and is based on IOQ3. I ran across it, and after trying it, felt that the gameplay would need to be customized a bit to play properly on an IPAD.

Almost forgot to mention the rockets. Based on Anup Shind’s homing rocket code, we now have “real” homing rockets. These babies are sweet!

They are charging money for ioquake3 and are not supported by us. Nobody should be paying for ioquake3. Awful.