New game ported to ioquake3 Powerweapons grapple mod

Not a ‘new’ game exactly, but it’s been in the works for a long time now.
Haven’t tested the new ioquake3 features yet but will get to it as time allows.
ioquake rulez! The graphics are sweet, runs like warm honey on toast.
Powerweapons is a game for those who like it.
bind mouse2 +button5 to grapple (fastest grapple on the planet)
This mod makes excessive look like a firecracker.
My own changes and additions include some features from beryllium mod (respawn protection), we’re now fully unlagged. Brainworks v1 was a special project that I just finished integrating as well. Thanks to Ted Vessenes for a few tips and pointing me in the right direction.

Almost forgot the IP :smile:

and it’s Powerweapons v10 now.