Bot AI and Brainworks

Hello everyone.

I enjoy playing Quake 3 Arena in single player mode with bots. I have a heavily modified version where over the years I’ve added new bots, weapon models I’ve made myself, various visual and sound enhancements, as well as a large collection of high-quality maps (many ported from QuakeLive). I believe I’m on a good path to create something quite decent, considering eventually releasing it as a modpack.

The issue is that, seeing the repetitive patterns of pre-established routes and behaviors of the original bots, even on nightmare difficulty, I sought something to enhance their behavior, perhaps making it more interesting, difficult, and resembling how real people would act.

In my search, I came across some mods, and the most promising one was Brainworks. There’s a vast difference compared to the vanilla bots.

The problem? The game crashes regularly with the message “OP_BLOCK_COPY out of range!” in about every other match, making it unplayable and ultimately turning it into something quite disappointing and frustrating. It’s an old mod that hasn’t been updated since… 2008? I’ve installed the latest release, and I even tried compiling it myself in an attempt to avoid these errors, but all in vain.

I was wondering if anyone else has looked into these issues or knows of any way to run it correctly. I use ioquake and Quake3e.

Quake 3, along with the classic Dooms (which I enjoy with Crispy and PrBoom+), are and will remain my favorite childhood and youth games, and I would like to continue enjoying them in all their splendor.