Pwrweapons Pro v12 source code released

I hated to do it, but I couldn’t get ioq3 to compile again. I’d done it once, but lost the code I’d be working with… I use the free lcc compiler, and somehow got it to work. If someone takes up where I left off, please let me know. I’d love to see this game fully integrated with ioq3 again.
On that note, the source code for Powerweapons Pro v12, and Pwrguns (not fully functional, Pwrgunsv3 has problems,) are available at SourceForge, and MODDB.
This code has long been coveted, because I and the original MOD’er managed some things other folks seem to be having problems with.
I can’t go over every problem I’ve solved, or was already solved when I got this code, but just a heads-up, because I’ve had the ioq3 crowd in the loop before. Any problem you may have, just might have a fix somewhere in the code. It also has some creative stuff people have mentioned looking for help on, and couldn’t find anywhere.
This is the fasted grapple MOD in the world, (maybe a little too fast,) but we like it. Hope you enjoy checking it out.

If you’ve made a bunch of changes to the power weapons pro code, please use a service like github or another to track the changes you make. All the help you need is here: