Stuck in safe mode

Hi all, love ioquake3, thank you!

The app crashed on me (Mac) and somehow when i reopened it, it put me into safe mode, aka a small little window and not full screen. I for the life of me cannot figure out how to get it out of safe mode and back to normal full screen.

Anyone have a quick tip?

Thanks in advance,

sorry to clarify, it is launching in “safe video settings” - how do I stop that?

Safe mode is a one time config change. You can change the settings back using the menu or open the in-game console with shift+esc and paste

r_mode -1; r_customwidth 1920; r_customheight 1080; r_fullscreen 1; vid_restart;

and press return.

The original Quake 3 menu doesn’t support switching to modern widescreen resolutions. I don’t know if the recent ioq3 macOS build has the ioq3 menu changes. The video settings are in Quake 3 → Setup → System menu.

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thank you! resolved!