Can`t launch Quake3 (OS X)


i can`t get Quake3 to run.

Downloaded and copied ioquake3 to /Applications/ioquake3/.
Copied pak0.pk3 to baseq3 folder (from Steam installation)
Installed new test build.


tty console mode disabled
ioq3 1.36_GIT_c7ebe82-2018-08-02 macosx-x86_64 Aug 2 2018
SSE instruction set enabled
----- FS_Startup -----
We are looking in the current search path:
/Users/simi/Library/Application Support/Quake3/baseq3

0 files in pk3 files
“pak0.pk3” is missing. Please copy it from your legitimate Q3 CDROM. Point Release files are missing. Please re-install the 1.32 point release. Also check that your ioq3 executable is in the correct place and that every file in the “baseq3” directory is present and readable

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


macOS uses virtual paths (AppTranslocation) when run out of the Downloads directory. Moving from Downloads to /Applications/ioquake3/ should allow accessing the real baseq3 directory. Maybe try moving to desktop and back to /Applications/ioquake3/ ?

Thanks for reply. Does not work unfortuntely.

What version of macOS are you using? Did you move using Finder?

Using version 10.13.6 . Yes, i did use finder to move file.

Hmm… I don’t see any references online to AppTranslocation behavior changing between 10.12 and 10.13 but I don’t have access to either of them to test.

It appears you may be able to fix it by opening and running

xattr -d /Applications/ioquake3/

which will remove the attribute.