Issues centering the game in 4:3 Fullscreen

Hello, I have been wanting to start playing quake 3 in the 4:3 aspect ration (specifically at 1200x900 resolution) and have it in full screen. The issues I have is that it gets stretched to try and fit my 1920x1080 monitor and the game gets offcentered, even with r_cetnerwidow set to 1. It looks fine in windowed mode, but I would very much prefer some sort of fullscreen letterbox mode, where the game remains unstretched and set in the center. If thats possible, I would very much love to know how to achieve such a thing.

hello, what OS are you using?

Are you setting the resolution with the instructions from our help page?

You may need to adjust your graphics card driver’s utility to not scale ioquake3

Hello, apologies for the late response, I’m on Linux (Endeavour OS), and I have used the r_customheight/width and r_mode commands to configure my resolution. I also believe I have integrated graphics (Intel Iris Xe) and dont know if theres a good manager for such.