Keyboard and mouse keys get stuck on Linux ioquake3


  • Clevo W230SS laptop
  • Linux Mint 17.3 (KDE)
  • Keyboards tested: Microsoft Keyboard, Clevo’s laptop keyboard and Razer Tartarus
  • Mice tested: Microsoft IntelliEye and Razer Deathadder 2000dpi
  • ioquake3 1.36 (build 2016-06-16)


Sometimes, during intense usage of the input devices, keys get randomly stuck. Examples: MOUSE1 get stuck firing until you press it again. Same thing happening for other binds like FORWARD and BACKWARD configured on W and S keys.

Any help I’ll appreciate.

Best regards.

does your system have this issue with any other games?

Hi TimeDoctor,

No other games present this issue, just ioquake3. Even OpenArena (installed from repository) doesn’t presents this issue on ioq3 1.36+u20140116+gdde36d9-1/Ubuntu linux-x86_64 Jan 18 2014.

I can reproduce the problem playing on maps such pro-q3dm6, where you get high speed strafes during heavy fire… (downstairs on red armor to shotgun, trickjumping railgun to rocket bridge, rocket-yellow-middle positioning, etc…).

In these situations almost everytime I get teh binds for forward and shot stucked. Sometimes firing and sometimes simply doesn’t responding to keypress.

Best regards,

might be a bug with SDL2, not sure if OA has switched to that or rejected it as too modern and accidentally avoided this issue.

Well… just confirming that the problem was solved replacing the latest ioquake3 for an older build (ioq3 1.36 linux-x86_64 Apr 12 2009)

Hope someone can track and fix this issue.