Mouse click weird behavior

I was feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to play quake3 again. I was happy to discover this project, you did an amazing job for keeping this game alive :slight_smile: Many thanks for that!

Unfortunately I have an issue I wanted like to share (I installed ioquake3 from Linux ubuntu packages):
my mouse left button is configured to fire weapons, the right button for jumping. I often have issues to do rocket jumps when the left click is made in a really short time after the right click. It doesn’t trigger any action, I don’t jump and I don’t fire the rocket.

I first thought maybe I had some 3rd button emulation, but I double-checked my xorg config, and xinput properties of my mouse, everything looks good.
As a test, I manually installed the old quake3 1.32 (with some i386 libs to make it work). With this old original version, I don’t have this issue anymore.

Any idea? Anyone else had this issue? (I can reproduce it quite easily if needed)

It’s hard to say what is causing this because I don’t know how old the ubuntu packages are when we didn’t make them, or what patches ubuntu is applying to ioquake3. This issue might be resolved if you try one of our test builds. I would not recommend ever running the original 1.32 builds because they are riddled with security issues.