Lag/freeze when shooting

Hello fellow community!

I just recompiled a x64 Version for MacOs Mojave on my MacPro. I did not change any settings!

Everything works fine, except when I shoot the game lags for a very short time. It does not draw new frames for that short period.
Its most prominent wehen I’m turning. Let’s say I just stand there and move my mouse from left to right and hit the shoot button during that movement. The frame freezes for a very short time and the movement continues where it should have been if there would have been no freezing/lag.
The strange thing is, that after I keep holding the shoot button/left mouse button and keep fireing there is no lag or freezing. If I let go of the shoot button and fire again the freezing/lag reoccurs.

The game is not really playable with this “bug”.

Thank you very in advance for your help!

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I made the discovery that when I use a shoot button on the keyboard there is no lag. I also tried other mice but there is that lag/freeze with all of them. So as long as I shoot using the mouse there is that lag.

When I just run foreward and shoot there is no lag. The is just lag when I move the mouse!?

Ok I can narrow my findings:

It will just lag when pressing the Mouse 1 Button, independent of shooting! So even when I left Mouse 1 unassigned, I will get that lag/freezing.
When I assign Mouse 2 to Shooting there is also no lag!

This kind of seems like a bug to me, because moving the mouse while pressing another button (Mouse 2 f.e.) works.

Still hoping for someone who is way more clever than me to help out :wink:

Best regards!

it seems that the problem lies in the combination of the primary mouse button in MacOS and iOQuake.

When I change the primary mouse button in MacOs to the right mouse button (Mouse 2) I can use the left Mouse button (Mouse 1) in iOQuake without problem.

The thing is, in earlier versions of iOQuake I did not have that problem…

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Nice! Crazy the lag with primary button… Any version for Mavericks?

When you have an 64 Bit Intel Mac the x64 version of iOquake will run under Mavericks!

It’s easy to compile a version: