Mouse input problems on Windows 10

I’m getting choppy, unpleasant mouse input on Windows with the latest version of ioquake3. Basically, movement with the mouse is not “smooth”, when moving the mouse, inputs seem to get dropped or skip causing the framerate to feel choppy even though the framerate counter is showing a constant 90fps. (I use a variable refresh rate display, so 90fps feels smooth otherwise)

I’m using in_mouse -1, other values for this cvar make the problem even worse.

Simply walking around without moving the mouse looks perfectly smooth and consistent.

I do not get this issue when using Spearmint 1.0. I do not experience this issue at all when using ioquake3 in Linux. The issue is also not present when playing other idtech 3 powered games like Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, or even Elite Force with iostvoy, leading me to believe it’s not a Win10+idtech3 issue.

Things I’ve tried to correct the issue: Trying different combinations of r_finish and r_swapinterval, trying different values for com_maxfps, trying different values for in_mouse, trying various Windows compatibility settings for ioquake3.x86.exe

to be sure, you’re using a test build?

I’m using the build provided in an installer hosted at

That test builds URL just gives me a 500.

Please try the test build URL again, the one you already have downloaded is from 2009. Our web host is very unreliable so you may occasionally get odd errors when using until the website is entirely moved to our new host.

Wow, that is a massive improvement. I didn’t realize the “stable” build was so out of date. Thanks!

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