Mouse and Video Jumpy

My mouse and video are very jumpy (not smooth) in ioquake3. Is this a settings issue or is my machine not beefy enough? Do you have a minimum hardware recommendation?

Try disabling using OpenAL or replacing Creative’s OpenAL32.dll included with ioq3 1.36 installer with OpenAL Soft. To disable using OpenAL open the console using ~ or shift+escape and type s_useOpenAL 0; snd_restart and press enter. If it doesn’t help you can switch back using s_useOpenAL 1; snd_restart.

Try switching from the modern-ish GPU intensive OpenGL2 renderer to the classic OpenGL1 renderer. Open the console using ~ or shift+escape and type cl_renderer opengl1; vid_restart and press enter. You can switch back using cl_renderer opengl2; vid_restart.

I do not think this was an ioquake3 / Quake Arena issue. Somehow my video driver became corrupted. After installing the latest driver, the problem went away. I should have looked at that before I posted the topic.
Thank you for your help! This forum is awesome!
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