Video settings reference

Is there any documentation on video settings in ioq3? I’m trying to build high visibility configuration. I already managed to greatly improve visibility by turning off some visuals (gibs, smoke, dynamic lights, sky) and changing map_overBrightBits/gamma/intensity. I know i can blur textures by setting high r_picmic, but i hate playing different than 0 (sharp textures). Is there any way to set grey-scale, but only for map/environment (except entities, hud, console, models)?
It’s already fine on darker maps like q3dm17, aerowalk, but still i can get confused on q3tourney4 (many lights, light textures)

I’m trying to achive sth similiar to this:
(it’s q3dm13 on quakelive)

That would make almost perfect configuration for me.

Without code changes, no.

Well, time to learn some C :slight_smile: