Maximum graphic quality ioQuake 3

I searched for settings that give best quality with current textures (no need for extra pack) and found this:

So I started to modify my config file and right away I have questions about the settings:
seta r_simpleMipMaps “1” - should not be this 0 for better quality?
seta r_ext_compressed_textures “1” - sure this better to be 0, right?
seta r_ext_texture_compression_s3tc “1” - this is usable only on S3TC cards, so off, right?

What about this setting?
seta r_ext_multisample “0”
…not covered in original post, I would say 1 … what do you guys say?

1 Like is what you want

Interesting, thanks. Sadly not yet I figured out how to make the 1280x1024 resolution (5:4 resolution) working, so trying another OpenGL render is not at this moment faesible. Still, it looks pretty nice:

Not bad, huh?

Hi there,
I put together an ioquake3 autoexec-configfile for a top notch configuration of Quake 3: with all high quality graphics and details settings.

Check it out on my Gist:

I explained some of the settings in this blog post.