Rookie needs a guidance

Hi guys,

I’m looking for some sort of a guidance of how to start making standalone games based on Id Tech 3.
First of all I must say that I’m a real freshman and I’d like to start fulfilling my projects using this engine. I know C language in a decent degree and I really admire Quake 3 simplicity so this is why I want to focus on Id Tech 3.
I’ve made some research on Google but found nothing really explanatory except .

Could you point me some proper sources of information about how to start having fun with this engine?
Thanks in advance.

There are lots of great resources out there and most of them are focused on mod creation. I’d look at other standalone games like Reaction Quake 3 and Tremulous to start.

Both are available freely and can be picked apart for a starting point.
is our wiki, but it hasn’t been well-maintained.

We’d also love to make a starting point for new creators like yourself, which is what will be for.

This forum can be a great place to document things that you find out, you can also join us on IRC at #ioquake3 to get questions answered quickly from people who make games.

I can also recommend reading Fabien Sanglard’s quite detailed review of the Quake III source code, which ioquake3 is built upon. Read it thoroughly and you will get a good overview of the engine’s components and design.