Some questions regarding this project

Hey guys I have some questions regarding this project:

  1. I can code in C, right?
  2. Will it be statically linked or dynamically linked if I code in C?
  3. Is this game engine based on some game or something or can I make whatever game I want?
  4. Does it come with a GUI game editor?

Welcome, going to answer assuming you’re asking about ioquake3:

  1. you can, but you should look over Quake 3 Source Code Review: Architecture
  2. see above
  3. The ioquake3 engine is based on the Quake 3: Arena game, you’ll need that or the demo data to have somewhere to start from. See here for example: Quake III Arena on Steam you can build whatever you want with the ioquake3 engine but it’ll be easiest to make a multiplayer FPS. For example the Quake 3 Rally game is a racing/combat type of thing made with this engine. and any project that doesn’t use (or has replaced all of the) the Quake 3 data can ship on its own without requiring the player to have Quake 3 as long as the terms of the GPL v2 are followed for the source code. The Quake 3 game data is still commercial data and is not free.
  4. No, the only GUI tools are the level editors like Radiant: Radiant Level Design Tools
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