Making a standalone game from ioquake3?


First of all thank you for your time, I have found these tutorials about making mods. Code3Arena

As i understand this whole thing, making mod is making additional stuff atop of original Quake 3 files, in the end they are bound to the original game files. I have extremely hard time finding anything that could help me see how can i implement my own game in this engine, i don’t want anything to do with original game.

Am i destined to read the source code and interpret its wizardy and make my own game through blood and sweat without any guidelines or tutorials?

Again, thank you very much for your time reader. Your replies and time are greatly appreciated.

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It’s talked about some in the ioquake3 README.

There is the engine (client, server) and three QVM/DLL modules (game, cgame, and ui). Mods and standalone games start from the Quake 3 game logic module code. (Preferably the code maintained in ioquake3 rather than the old Q3 SDK that old tutorials recommend.) So even standalone games effectively start as modifying Quake 3 so it’s useful to use the Quake 3 data to understand things and get it running.

The difference is mods inherit Quake 3 data and standalone games can also change the engine. Run mods with ioquake3 +set fs_game mygamedir and standalone games with ioquake3 +set com_basegame mygamedir (see the ioquake3 README section I linked for other things to change).

I wrote more about how to go about it previously. Learning quake3 moddingIoquake3: Where do I get started? (dev)

Other resources:


Thank you very much for you reply!

I am very pleased that man behind Spearmint replied to this post, you are obviously experienced in this area. Thank you for links. Is there maybe a “Hello World” guide about building basic .pk3 files? I could of course later build upon those.

Is every essential thing included in those links you posted?

Much respect from Ayleid.

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Not sure if you needed more info, but pk3s are really just zip files with the extension renamed. You can unzip any of the original pk3s to see how they’re put together or check out those of a mod to see their structure.

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