Ioquake3 OSP dedicated server on Raspberry Pi 4B

I have an issue when trying to create an ioquake3 OSP dedicated server running on a Raspberry Pi 4B.
I have installed ioquake3 via: “apt-get install ioquake3-server” and added the pak files to the baseq3 folder. The std. ioquake3 dedicated server runs fine.
After that I added OSP 1.03a to the installation and started the server with: ioq3ded +set dedicated 1 +set fs_game osp +exec server.cfg
The console reports an error and stops: “ERROR: Interpreter error: opStack[0] = 0, opStack0fs= 0
Server shutdown (Server crashed: Interpreter error: opStack[0] = 0, opStack0fs= 0)
Does anyone know how I could fix this issue? Has anyone already set up an ioq3 OSP server on a Raspberry Pi which is working?

Thank you for your help!

It may be worth filing an issue at so there is better visibility for it to get fixed.

Instead of using the QVM interpreter you could try the QVM ARMv7 JIT compilation (better performance and maybe happen to work with OSP?) by building ioquake3 from source code using make ARCH=armv7l. Cvar vm_game 2 (default) is QVM JIT and vm_game 1 is QVM interpreter. (I haven’t tested OSP on Raspberry Pi.)