Setting up ioq3 server

I’m having some difficulties setting up an ioquake3 server on Ubuntu and not too sure what I’m missing.

I’ve followed the instructions in the sys admin guide and have the pak0.pk3 in the baseq3 folder but when I attempt to start the server I get the following error:

ioq3srv:~$ ~/ioquake3/ioq3ded.x86_64 +set dedicated 2 +set sv_allowDownload 1 +set sv_dlURL "" +set com_hunkmegs 64 "$@"
ioq3 1.36_GIT_41f83ac-2015-10-17 linux-x86_64 Nov 30 2015
Have SSE support
----- FS_Startup -----
We are looking in the current search path:
/home/ioq3srv/ioquake3/baseq3/pak0.pk3 (3539 files)

3539 files in pk3 files
Point Release files are missing. Please re-install the 1.32 point release. Also check that your ioq3 executable is in the correct place and that every file in the "baseq3" directory is present and readable

Taking the latest release build zip and extracting it into the ioquake3 folder doesn’t seem to fix it either.

What obvious step have I somehow missed?

Download the patch zip file from this page and unzip the contents into your baseq3 and missionpack sub-directories of ioquake3.

Brilliant, that solved it, cheers.

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