ioquake3 and Raspberry Pi

Hey guys. I’ve been trying to set up a dedicated server on my Raspberry Pi and I can get it to run, but I just can’t seem to join the beggar!

No matter what amount of Googling I do, I can’t seem to find any guide or anything to get this to work.

I’m using a q3config_server.cfg file and launching the server with ./ioq3ded.arm +set dedicated “1” +set net_port “27960” +set net_ip “” +set fs_game “baseq3”

Still nothing though. I’m assuming it’s something I’m doing wrong though, because even when launching a dedicated server on my Windows PC and trying to join it comes up with nothing.

did you select a map? try adding +map q3dm17 and see if it loads one.
You can also just type “map q3dm17” into the console and it’ll load it.

I meant to come back to post my results, but yeah. Didn’t realize I had to add a map - I simply assumed it’d just cycle through all maps.

Might just end up creating a guide for this kinda thing because I’ve found hardly anything online. It’s been about 48 hours of trial and error, but I’ve FINALLY got a server going.

Just need to figure out how to broadcast the server over my lan because currently I can only connect when pressing Specify