FPS slowdowns when Surround Sound is enabled

what can I dow when I have massive FPS slowdowns in ioQ3 when Surround Sound (5.1) is enabled – the more enemies I hear the more slowdown I have (20-30 FPS). In default Q3 I have continuous 125 FPS. My sound card is the one that was delivered with this headset: http://en-de.sennheiser.com/gaming-headset-pc-363d

Are you running a test build?

I use the version from here: http://ioquake3.org/get-it/
“Engine Download for Windows”
“Data Installer Download the data installer for Windows”

Please upgrade to [a test build][1].

It may help resolve the issue.
[1]: http://ioquake3.org/get-it/angst-builds/

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Ok, will try it now.

Just tested the test build: I have absolutely no surround sound with it…

Sounds like you don’t have OpenAL

Download here:

Copy the the soft_oal.dll file inside the bin folder for your platform into the folder where ioquake3 is installed.

Then rename the file to OpenAL32.dll


YEAH, it works! THX!

I have one more question: Is it possible to change the spread (not sure if it’s the right word) of the surround sound?; my English is not very good; what I mean is f.e. that when I hear something right in front of me it sounds too much on the right…

Edit: Probably it’s because I have cg_fov 120 (default is 102)…