Low fps and other stuff

Hi, guys.

I’m using ioq3 on FreeBSD, since native q3 x85 crashes with sig11 on amd64, even when run in compat/i386.
But I’m getting very low fps: around 60-80. I’m starting ioq3 under KDE, with nice -10 (latter doesn’t improve fps at all).
My videoboard is GeForce GT210, which is, of course, a total piece of crap, but it’s still more powerful than the boards I used to play in mid 2000s. And still 80-80 fps. Sometimes I get 125, but I just cannot figure out what affects it.

Still, 125 is way too low. I tried to set the com_maxFPS to 333, and com_busyWait to 1, but com_maxFPS seems to be hardcoded to 125, because I can only lower it, and it just doesn’t go above 125. And the com_busyWait isn’t recognized by the console - weird.

So, being short, I want 300 fps. Is this achievable ? I’m playing with vertex, not lightmap, and even with blurred textures. My videomode is 1920x1080.

Are you compiling from our git repository, using a test build, or using a FreeBSD package?

Also note that servers can limit your framerate.

I’m using a package built from FreeBSD ports, version 1.36_15:

Options :
CURL : on
DEBUG : off
DOCS : on
TOOLS : on

And I’m using a local server, ran from the very same package. Empty q3dm6 map.

so the “ioquake3” in ports is apparently is very out of date, please try “ioquake3-devel” from ports

As far as i know the original IdTech3 renderer, the cpu is the limiting factor in most of the cases, as all of the geometry and “shader” effects are still calculated there.

What CPU are you using?