Fast track for modding/project nobbies?

I`m thinking of making a project using a sourceport of idtech 3 in the future, however before I do, I’d like to learn more about the engine, it’s asset workflow, tools and resources, just to make sure its the right move.

Now there is no point giving me documents describing the quake virtual machine or openGL renderer in excruciating detail since Im more of a level designer and encapsulation exists for a reason.

I just want to know more about the practicalities of the .md3 and .md4 filetype, how they work, what kind of tools there are for it, can .fbx be converted to .md4, etc.
I also want to know how terrain works using the external terrain generators like EasyGen, are they like source engine displacements? If so, are the two interchangeable?

Just anything there is to know to get me on the fast track to modding or making a project, and perhaps where to find potential devs, is always appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hey Jen i don´t know if they can help you with engine, but they know mapping and is useful for you too.

Custom Map Makers Discord.

See you.