Viable modelling pipeline

Hello guys,

I’m working on an ioq3-based mod which will eventually be released, if all the planets align properly.

One of planets I need to align is modelling, both player (composite upper/lower/head) and other (simple).

Right now, I’m using random MD3 models as placeholders, some from Quake Live, some from random sources floating around. Virtually all of them have frame animations, which means you can’t change much, can’t add or change tags, etc. Bottom line is - I’m going to have to ultimately redo most or all of the models. What I’m building is really freaking custom.

What would you guys suggest as a set of tools to make this happen? Also, should I use MD3? MDR? IQM? I need the following things to work properly:

  • Surface groups
  • Tags
  • Be able to add additional animations on top of regular Q3 ones
  • Ideally the set of tools would all run under Linux or at least Linux/Wine

I’m not an artists but willing to learn enough modelling for this to happen, even if it has to be placeholder models that I’ll later have redone by someone with actual modelling skills.

I’m keeping my ioq3’s fork synchronized with the master ioq3 branch so it has all the IQM code and whatnot the master branch has.

Thanks for any input.

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