ioquake3 on the web?

With the new renderer, maybe it’s easy to port ioquake to the web using emscripten. Has anyone attempted this? Or do you guys know a project that does this?

There are a few versions of this around, none that are complete afaik. While I am interested in the idea, I think it is more useful to do something like what Battlefield 3/4 does and put the server browser/social features in the web and have that launch a native client that only has to deal with the operating system platform instead of both the operating system and the browser. Even the BF method is going to become more difficult as one major browser (Chrome) is phasing out NSAPI plugins that BF uses to launch the game and do other neat tricks. Without the plugin I think you still launch the game from a web-based server browser via custom URLs. It just might not be as fancy.

Here are the two I know about:

which seems mostly defunct, having not been updated in a year

which recently popped up.