Need a new project for ioquake

Hello all,
I think today ioquake gain less popularity from 2005-2015, I came here just want to encourage all developer and every one who love this Game engine to contribute for this Game engine. Maybe we need to build a project or seminar. Also website need to change I think.

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It also makes me sad to see how dead these forums are now. I would love to see active development on ioquake3 again. It would give me motivation to do more things with Quake 3 plenty of commits lately.

yeah, but I mean like proper compiled releases for the lame people like me who dont know alot.

We definitely need to do more in order to surface the commits on the website. They’re currently only publicized on our twitter account.

You’re right (not lame at all) that we also need to release a new version. My argument for a long time has been that we only have a few more chances to get people interested in ioquake3 and so we need to get people onto a system where they don’t have to read news posts in order to find out about, and get a chance to upgrade them, to a new release.

To get people to the point where they can read the news about a new ioquake3 release once, and never have to manually install an update, we’d have to do what modern games off of steam and web browsers like chrome have done. They all have either a launcher that updates itself (MMOs, Minecraft) or they just update in the background while running and after a restart of the program you get the newest version (Chrome, firefox).

I chose the launcher approach because it could be the least disruptive to the codebase of the engine. It also has the advantage that we could insert other improvements into it like handling video and audio configuration (no more manually editing the .cfg unless you want to!), mod installation/management and a server browser.

While we had some initial progress with that launcher project it has fallen off of people’s radar and not received any updates in a while. It may be time to say “fuck it” and give up on getting autoupdates out with the next release and just say “here’s version 1.40, we need your help getting off the ground with the launcher.”

What do you think, should we give up on getting the launcher done and release without it, hoping that people stick around for future updates or should we keep going with the launcher work and try to get more people interested in that so we can do one significant release and get people on a continuous update cycle?

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well I personally think you should wait till the launcher is ready as I think its an excellent idea. Theres also the potential for more features/fixes for ioquake3 when you do finally release it.


To update this old thread, because this is where I point people who are curious about a new release: We have the automatic update portion of this implemented. Check out our news post: Auto-Update Update – ioquake3