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Last month I wrote about an important security update, and we were lucky that the news was spread far and wide but many players still didn’t see it. Even if they read the news, and they updated to the latest build of ioquake3, they wouldn’t have caught the follow-up security commits to the code repository unless they downloaded…

Good to hear there’s still someone who has their priorities in order. I personally can’t use steam, and use git just a bit :wink:
I don’t have the bandwidth for steam at all… but since you mentioned a way to play ioquake3 as a standalone, I don’t know how many know about it, but there is a standalone Q3, to play MODS. Here is the download
As a long time amateur modder, things would be much easier if the proper resources were available. I’d like to be able to do graphics, but after pouring through hundreds of tutorials I still can’t produce a tga that has ‘invisible’ and texture properties that make sense or are useful, like invisible background, and what not.
I’ve tried to put into my main mods things I’ve seen others ask about, but not get answers, like ‘how to take the gauntlet out’… but at this point, I’m not sure I want to update ioquake 3, just to maintain compatibility with the master server, and others who have no way to update. It works great… maybe even worth the security risk.
I’ll be releasing Pwrguns v4 soon and a simplified verson for those who want simple… Pwrguns is for those who liked altfire, and appreciate the ability to bind. A wealth of old school and new work that I’ve put into it. It has flaws, because even with all the information I’ve gathered over the years, there are still things nobody has answers to. Props to all the contributors though, ioq3 is fantastic to work with and runs great.

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This is a modified version of the quake 3 code to remove the cd key check, for pirates and people making their own games, without much else in the way of modifications. We already have options to make the code operate in a standalone manner for game developers. What we’re talking about doing with Three is a base game replacement that is designed to be replaced (for new games) and has just enough gameplay with art and sound assets to be fun on its own.

Couldn’t you use Open Arena’s maps and models?

OpenArena uses the GPL for art/code/etc assets, takes advantage of ioquake3 code without giving back, and have an entirely incoherent art style, it is not compatible with our goals.

What if the standalone game was an Instagib game with 1 weapon. That would limit the scope quite a bit. It should be possible to contact some of the people who have made maps for Q3 with all custom textures and have them re-release under the proper license? same with player models. And yes the style needs to be coherent and Quake-like.

Limited scope is extremely important, agreed.

But I think what is really needed to get going is a checklist for things that need to be done to get to a point where there is a standalone game. That and a clear vision of what that mvp solution should be.

For some reason, I’m not getting notifications of the on-going conversation… I’m trying to keep up manually.
At any rate, thanks for the feedback on saq3, I hadn’t taken the time to look closely at it.

If the Three, folks are interested, there’s a few unique weapons in Pwrguns v4 I’d be willing to contribute. The first one (vortex gun) has a publicly available weapons model, but the other two are unique and original. The more interesting of the three are a Crossbow, and bolt. And the Hyperblade Gun, that makes use of the gauntlet blade as a projectile weapon, and a couple of multi point ninja star type projectiles that would be usable.
I’ve fixed the crossbow code, and associated bolt code so that it actually works. In the original Pwrguns v3 it was glitchy at best.

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