Will ioquake3 work for my tactical FPS?

I’m going to be making an fully libre, tactical, co-op, WW2 FPS using ioquake3. I’m hoping to have things like leaning (like in Wolfenstein: The New Order), vaulting over low objects, and ADS. Will this engine suit my needs?

I can’t say if ioquake3 will work for your tactical WW2 FPS. I just want to mention that this project has all ioquake3 enhancements, features and security fixes from ioquake3 already included (even the new renderer), and it also offers coop gameplay: https://github.com/rtcwcoop/rtcwcoop
It is developed by a very talented programmer, it compiles and runs very well (I already compiled and tested it recently), and at least it is already a bit closer to WW2 than (io)q3. rtcwcoop is based on rtcw/q3 anyways.
Just some thoughts…

Thank you! I might consider using that instead.