Re-allocating the console key in ioquake3 - how?

Asked @ iquakes3 fb presence:

“Hi - is it possible to re-allocate the console key in ioquake3 somehow?
In the original game it was “^” – and I need the “>” key for one of my standard gaming controls. :-7”

ioquake3 replied:

“You can hit shift+escape to bring down the console or rebind it using the cvar cl_consoleKeys more details here:

I replied:

"Sorry, but this doesn’t work for me.

I succeeded in rebinding the “invoke console” command to BACKSPACE (cl_consoleKeys “BACKSPACE”).

Now the console comes up and down, whenever I hit the BACKSPACE key.

Still, when I use the “<” key during gameplay, the console comes down nonetheless to annoy me.

Strange: Hitting the “<” for a second time doesn’t make the console disappear again; instead it produces a “<<<<<<” output in the command line of the console. I MUST use Backspace to close it again.

wtf? :("

“Oh, btw. System is MacOS 10.6.8.”

ioquake3 replied:

“please ask your question here:

So here am I.