How to install complete guide


I want to ask for a complete step-by-step guide how to install Q3 and this mods/addons that IOquake is.

I have the game on a CD and have downloaded two files for windows from this site.

Please help.

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The best guide right now is using our Player’s Guide.

The link is dead, now. Is there still a Player’s Guide? Did it move?

It’s currently offline until either one of the current volunteers or a new systems administrator helps us move some things, but it can be browsed via the web archive:

Does one need a copy of Quake 3? Or can one make do with OpenArena or something until they scrounge up the dosh?

openarena uses a fork of ioquake3 and it may be possible to run it in ioquake3, not something I’ve tested.

Oh, I see – Although OpenArena isn’t being developed anymore, right? So then it would seem to be the best idea to try and run it in ioq3, rather than forking OA, unless some other free/open alternative compatible with vanilla ioq3 exists. I’m just trying to get the game working so I can hack and play and learn the engine, and it doesn’t really matter to me at this point if it’s some open quake-like assets and logic I’ll play with and replace, or something that’s trying to be its own thing.

I’ve seen it suggested that new devs start by hacking away at the Tremulous source, itself a fork of ioq3, and I might do this too, although I guess I imagine Tremulous to be a little more complex or something than quake, and I’d prefer to start with the most vanilla FPS game software stuff, to have some context for when I go and wrap my head around someone’s fork.

wrap my head around someone’s fork.

Gosh, what a visual. Anyway, I’m really bashing my head against the wall trying to figure out how to get the game to run. I’m imagining openarena as just another mod, and I imagine installing it (Which I’ve never done – I’ve never owned Quake(s) I know, I’m such a… wait for it… Heretic Har har har har!)

I imagine installing it as just copying the files from baseoa to baseq3 in the release build directory, and all the files from missionpack to missionpack, and run. But then ioq3 complains about having pak0.pk3 with an incorrect checksum.

I’ve also tried building with BUILD_STALONE=1 BUILD_STANDALONE=1, but then I get a bunch of errors and I have no idea what they’re telling me. I’ve started a new topic for that in this category.


Whoopsie. But BUILD_STALONE would be a cool name for a build option. Maybe I’ll put it in a fork! And when you pass it, rather than quake, you get a program with lots of muscles and a penchant for one-liners!

Okay, BOOM! der-u-go! I figured out how to run OpenArena in ioquake3! I’m sure this would have been obvious to everyone else, but here’s what I did, for posterity:

  1. Copy openarena-0.8.8/baseoa/*.pk3 to ~/.q3a/openarena/, NOT build/*/baseq3, as I imagined, or ~/.q3a/baseq3.

  2. run ioquake3 with +set com_basegame openarena (or whatever folder you moved your stalone mod to!

  3. Revel in your ability to throw shit at the wall and watch it stick!

@vidavel I own a CD of Quake 3 for Mac but I was able to install and run the game without any of that. The best (and easiest) installer I’ve used so far is this one. Just download the installer as a zip, unzip it, navigate to the unzipped folder in Terminal, run the Terminal command included in the readme file and you’re done. Works perfectly right “out of the box” on my MacBook Air.