The ioquake3 wiki is currently offline, it will be back as soon as possible.

Until the wiki is restored please browse it via the internet archive:

1 Like is online again, please click around and see if anything is busted, https should be back soon

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It seems some links are dead, for example in and
Generally links to the old forums are broken as it seems, can this be fixed?
Anyways good to have the wiki again, thanks for the effort!

(edited post because the original wiki link 404’d when it included a colon punctuation mark - @TimeDoctor )

The old forums are long gone, they might be recoverable in some sense but then it isn’t something we would want to leave operational because that software was incredibly insecure and difficult to keep up-to-date.

This is an offsite link we have no control over, but it’s a wiki, anyone can edit either of these things to link to links. Mainly we’re looking for pages internal to the wiki or links from offsite to the wiki that no-longer work. For example, if 404’d that be a big problem.

Okay thanks! The old forums aren’t archieved? Can we have access to it in some way (probably silly question though).

I believe I put forth a request for people to manually archive their favorite topics from the old forums here and on the wiki before they were taken offline, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible at the time to archive those old forum posts to discourse.

Okay, clicking around works for me nothing is busted as far as I can see.

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Ha! A bit off-topic but funny: SVN still works well! This isn’t mentioned on the wiki afaik. Eventually this is of some interest for oldtimers and for beginners, at least on Windows. SVN also made big progress in development, nowadays its fully front-end, has nice explorer integration is small and very stable. I just want to say this because a few Windows users are still a bit afraid with git, though git is maybe better, I don’t know… on the other hand with SVN you still get the cool numeration (SVN 3525 for example), so even if its not mentioned in the wiki SVN is still working well!

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please feel free to mention it somewhere in the wiki!

Unfortunately wiki looks offline at the moment, and there is nothing in web archive =(

See here for information about why the wiki is offline:

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Ah… understood, cryptominers got even to quake…

Thanks for the link, I needed ‘build ioquake’ section to build from sources

Any info on when the builds will be updated?

Optimistically, some time after the next SDL release.