Where to get started, adding http call to external api


I have been tasked with adding a simple external api call to quake, basically after each match I need to be able to call a http request to submit a score to a public leaderboard for the player

I am completely new to this but have managed to build from source and it would be a big help if any one could give me a hint as to where I can start looking to add this code? which file etc?

Is this for the purpose of adding microtransactions and/or cryptocurrency support?

It technically could be but not directly, Basically i’ve been asked if I could get a quake like game ready for an esports competition later this year and as the event will be online they want to be able to track the players their scores, change the UI a little etc
Then the sponsors want to reward players gifts based on their score
One sponsor wants to give bitcoin, another one gaming gift cards, another one SWAG merch etc

The game server can be connected to using qstat and there are various older cgi and php web apps that can connect to a server and digest the action to provide web stats and updates. There’s no need to change the game for that component.

Thanks makes sense thanks, am I correct in understanding the game (Even if I play single player) is running a server? its just connects locally?

Just to clarify, for a match, offline or online multiplayer LAN etc, I can connect to the Server with a different language other than c (php) etc and realtime pull the current players info and their scores etc?

yes, look at the source for qstat https://github.com/multiplay/qstat

Thanks I managed to get a nodejs app to connect to my server over udp using rcon so all good!

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