Weapons from Quake Champions

Hi all , I made some new weapon models for Q3 from Quake Champions , Have fun! :slight_smile: https://filebin.net/69f6vwworwuie45q two types of railgun (eraser and pulsar) , https://filebin.net/zzdv7mshy8plbdbw gauntlet pummel , Quake Champions plasma gun , two types of lightining gun : (tesla gun and latest version from QC , “SNOP” in polish language)

Very interesting! Keep up :slight_smile: whats polycount btw

Wow man! incredible work! Can you share the lightgun model? This is not available from your downloads links (in the firs link are all models, but not lightgun). The second link don’t work.

I’ve downloaded the rip models from here a time ago:

But all file formats need to be converted. And you make this possible! Thanks!

A guy called Shakes (or Spooks in Steam) shared all this rip content in this place:

It’s a great work too. But I have no idea how I can export/convert all those files to any game engine.

I’ve tested the weapons in Q3 Sepearmint 1.0.2 and looks outstanding!
But have some missplaced coordinates from the player model, look:



The grab hand are incorrect in all cases.

Can someone share the qc weapons? Link file are expired ;/