Unlagged network code

So, i was taking a look at this old tutorial: http://quakewiki.net/archives/code3arena/tutorials/tutorial41.shtml

And it occured to me: is this still relevant for ioquake3? Or the netcode has been improved as part of the project objective? If not, does this concept still apply for a modern network game, or there are better techniques to implement?

I’ve got the source code here: http://ioquake3.org/files/unlagged-2.01-src-gpl.zip

I see. But is it still relevant for ioq3?

I think the question is if it is worth to implement at all! Have you ever played ‘unlagged’ games?
Personally I really ‘hate’ unlagged matches, though probably it’s a matter if you are used to it or not.
Unlagged network code has its own drawbacks and problems. A good overall explanation can be found here: http://www.ra.is/unlagged/

old theme but problem not solved.

open arena have unlagged code, which is quite good with ping 100.

may be optimisation source from OA for base ioq3 (patch) ?

What problem is not solved?

Since many players want this ‘feature’ I assume it will find it’s way into ioquake3 soon.
If you can’t wait to test, here is how it’s implemented in mint-arena:

The patch was made by ‘SilverlineDev’, reworked and merged by ‘zturtleman’: https://github.com/zturtleman/mint-arena/issues/2

Please consider the following:

  1. This will enrage some older players that are used to default q3 gameplay.
  2. Nowadays you can have ‘lag-free’ experience without ‘unlagged’ network code (increase sv_fps etc.)
  3. You may experience some minor ‘bugs’ with ‘unlagged network code’ (see the link in my previous post)

I tested mint-arena with ping 100. Have delay.
Open Arena have delay too, but with ping 150-200.

"increase sv_fps etc"
For client it work with g_synchronouclients 1 only. For record demos in spectator mode. Else server ignore sv_fps (story with 50ms delay is wrong for real game on 60-125 fps). But real latency is here. Client not draw image on video until receive packet from server. Strange code of ID for ideal ping.
cg_nopredict solve this for internet game.
cg_nopredict 0 - fire weapon delay. Good movement.
cg_nopredict 1 - good fire weapon. Delay movement.
Conclusion? Write correct predict code. I try this.

Cool! It’s nice to have one who tested this!
Hmm, what do you mean by "write correct predict code"
I’m no expert with writing code for unlagged games. Are you sure the ‘improvements’ you encounter are related to OA’s prediction code? OA has a few other improvements to unlagged code and also to movement code: http://openarena.wikia.com/wiki/Game_physics. (this is not really related to unlagged network code, though movement is affected with pmove_float 1).
Anyways, even with the different unlagged approach in OA, OA has the same ‘lag’ problems: http://openarena.ws/board/index.php?topic=4963.0
Don’t get me wrong I’m not against you, I only see all the same problems with all games as far as prediction is concerned (OA, Q3-Unlagged, Spearmint, Wolfenstein-Enemy Territory,…) probably because of the nature of idtech3.
What is the ‘correct’ prediction code?