[TUP] The Unofficial Patch for Quake 3 Arena and Team Arena

Hello. My name is ZerTerO. I am the creator of [TUP] The Unofficial Patch and [HQQ] High Quality Quake. I’m trying to correct most errors with the TUPatch.

You can download [TUP] here: www.moddb.com
You can download [HQQ] here: www.moddb.com

I am grateful for all the questions and comments. Bring it on!

[TUP] Changelog - Quake III Arena

add map pro-q3tourney7

add new levelshots

  • levelshots/PRO-Q3DM6.jpg
  • levelshots/PRO-Q3DM13.jpg
  • levelshots/PRO-Q3TOURNEY2.jpg
  • levelshots/PRO-Q3TOURNEY4.jpg
  • levelshots/PRO-Q3TOURNEY7.jpg
  • levelshots/PRO-Q3DM6.jpg
  • levelshots/PRO-Q3DM6.jpg
  • levelshots/PRO-Q3DM6.jpg

fix levelshots

  • levelshots/Q3DM0.jpg
  • levelshots/Q3TOURNEY6_CTF.jpg

some ui and hud adjustments
¤ vm\cgame.qvm ¤
¤ vm\ui.qvm ¤

  • menu/art/frame_l.tga
  • menu/art/frame_r.tga
  • menu/art/level_complete1.tga
  • menu/art/level_complete2.tga
  • menu/art/level_complete3.tga
  • menu/art/level_complete4.tga
  • menu/art/level_complete5.tga

replacing low quality audio files

  • sound\feedback\hit.wav
  • sound\world\buzzer.wav
  • sound\world\drone6.wav
  • sound\world\jumppad.wav
  • sound\world\suck1.wav

fix cvar cg_crosshairhealth
¤ scripts\gfx.shader ¤

fix error messages in q3dm8 and q3ctf2
: trying full_rt.TGA…
: trying full_bk.TGA…
: trying full_lf.TGA…
: trying full_ft.TGA…
: trying full_up.TGA…
: trying full_dn.TGA…

  • full_rt.tga
  • full_bk.tga
  • full_lf.tga
  • full_ft.tga
  • full_up.tga
  • full_dn.tga
    fix error messages in ctf matches
    : trying icons/skull_red.TGA…
    : trying icons/skull_blue.TGA…
  • icons/skull_red.tga
  • icons/skull_blue.tga
    fix error message
    : trying models/players/model/skin.tga
    ¤ scripts\gfx.shader ¤

fix error message with ‘func_plat’ entities
: could not find sound/movers/plats/pt1_end.wav
: could not find sound/movers/plats/pt1_strt.wav

  • sound/movers/plats/pt1_end.wav
  • sound/movers/plats/pt1_strt.wav

fix missing soundfiles

  • sound\player\announce\bones_wins.wav
  • sound\player\announce\cadavre_wins.wav
  • sound\player\announce\hunter_wins.wav
  • sound\player\announce\sarge_wins.wav
  • sound\player\bitterman\drown.wav
  • sound\player\crash\taunt.wav

[TUP] Changelog - Quake III Team Arena

add map mpteam9

fix error message
: trying ui/assets/3_cursor2.TGA…
¤ ui/hud.menu ¤
¤ ui/min_hud.menu ¤

fix error messages in mpteam2 and mptourney4
: trying 512_rt.TGA…
: trying 512_bk.TGA…
: trying 512_lf.TGA…
: trying 512_ft.TGA…
: trying 512_up.TGA…
: trying 512_dn.TGA…

  • 512_rt.tga
  • 512_bk.tga
  • 512_lf.tga
  • 512_ft.tga
  • 512_up.tga
  • 512_dn.tga

fix error message and activating all existing voice-files
: WARNING: could not find sound/voices/male2/tt_01.wav - using default
¤ scripts/female1.voice ¤
¤ scripts/female2.voice ¤
¤ scripts/female3.voice ¤
¤ scripts/male1.voice ¤
¤ scripts/male2.voice ¤
¤ scripts/male3.voice ¤
¤ scripts/male4.voice ¤
¤ scripts/male5.voice ¤

fix error messages in ctf, oneflag, harvester and overload matches
: Leg skin load failure: models/players/characters/janet/lower_blue.skin
: Torso skin load failure: models/players/characters/janet/upper_blue.skin
: Failed to load skin file: The Fallen/ : janet : default, *ursula : default

  • models/players/janet/The Fallen/lower_blue.skin
  • models/players/janet/The Fallen/upper_blue.skin
  • models/players/janet/The Fallen/thefallen_blue.tga

[HQQ] High Quality Quake - Example ( old / new )

:grin: Sorry for my bad english…


Hi. HQQ really improves visuals, especially icons. But font in console looks really bad. Can we do anything about that? See the screenshot.

Hy, bagheera. The Problem is: I can improve the fonts in the console OR ingame (informations like “FIGHT!”, “Target” or “Attacker”), because the engine use the same fonts for both (gfx\2d\bigchars.tga). What is important for you? For me its the ingame font.

Thank you for your reply.

Both :smile:
May be i’ll write a patch to engine to support different font file in console.

Why not? And you can edit the resolutions menu to support upper modern resolutions like 1920x1080, Antialiasing, Anisotropic filtering and more. :wink:
And if you look for an example: Team Arena use more than one font. If you can create support for console font for this: gfx\2d\smallchars.tga, than i love you! :smiley:

I think enabling mip maps on the font shader will fix the issue of the scaled down console text looking bad.

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Enabling mipmaps is not the solution. I tried it and it looks horrible…

I think i will just remove font replacement from your package. It’s not so important, and some mods (for example OSP) are overwriting some onscreen fonts anyway.
Most helpful for me are hi-resolution item icons.

New version of HQQ available: [HQQ] High Quality Quake - v3.4.1 + Team Arena

  • Team Arena support (Test Version)
  • Adjustments of the image sizes to follow the idTech3 texture rules

Download @ www.moddb.com