Standalone game with mission pack as base

I’m trying to start a new mod on top of ioquake3, heavily inspired by Unreal Tournament. I wanted to start on top of the Team Arena codebase, without having to depend on the baseq3 stuff.

Am i able to enable MISSIONPACK and the STANDALONE modes together and, therefore, remove any dependency of the baseq3 files?

Maybe if i use coan to make all MISSIONPACK defines part of the standard codebase, and then use STANDALONE?

Hmm, didn’t you already ask for this elsewhere?

Well, at first my english isn’t the best, so I don’t know if I do understand you right or not! I will try my best so you will at least have an answer.

What do you want to have?

If you want to start a standalone game and you want to use the code from missionpack, of course you can deleted the MISSIONPACK defines. And, No, I don’t know a tool which can do that for you. I did this with MSVC (search/replace with Tabs) on my first project, though I noticed that only replacing the MISSIONPACK defines with empty space is a bad idea.
Have a look on the HUD/text drawing code. You have to decide what Menu/Hud you want to start with. I highly suggest to remove the MISSIONPACK defines manually, after you have a clear idea what parts you want to keep from missionpack, and what parts you will not need.
For example, some pieces of code have to be adapted if you use baseq3 menu and missionpack teamorders (iirc). Removing the MISSIONPACK defines manually is a lot of work, though it is worth the effort if you really want to get rid of them, for whatever reason!

Though, I have no idea why you want to remove the MISSIONPACK defines, if you want to “start on top of the Team Arena codebase, without having to depend on the baseq3 stuff”.
What do you mean by “remove any dependency of the baseq3 files”? What files? Do you mean code files? Removing dependency of baseq3 code files, means you will remove dependency of the whole game code!
So it is most likely you will always need ‘dependency of baseq3 files’.
If you mean data files (textures, models, sounds, etc.) than you only have to change the path for these files, or create new files with the same name, and this hasn’t really much to do with MISSIONPACK defines!
If you mean, if you can only keep the code from missionpack and remove the code used for baseq3, than no, you can’t do this without rewriting the whole game module!


  1. Get a clear idea what you want to have, if you want to make a mod, you neither have to care about STANDALONE defines, nor do you have to remove the MISSIONPACK defines.
  2. Making a mod on top of a mod isn’t a good idea. Add the stuff you want to have and compile the whole game module.
  3. If you really want to remove the MISSIONPACK defines, remove them manually. And fix the issues that will certainly occur. There aren’t many and they aren’t that hard to fx!

I hope this has helped a bit! :slight_smile: