Screenshots & Wips

Here’s a topic for people to show their projects :slight_smile:
Here I go :

I’ll add a download link later on if some people are courageous enough to try :slight_smile:


Here’s a gameplay video of the current (final until I want to work on it again :slight_smile: )

What do you think ?

I followed the progress you made! Looks cool!
Are the enemies (tweaked) regular bots or a new entity type?

The enemies are a new entity type ! at the moment they can’t move around at all, I didn’t understand how I could move an entity around in the game, and make it look smooth on the client side … Even the rotations, for the moment, are brutal angle changes, not linear interpolated movements … it’s a tough question :slight_smile:

Bump !

I don’t know if people are actually doing stuff with ioquake3 these days …

I was working in fruit fields in Japan for a month or so, and there were frogs. So I want to make a game with some frog simulation. So I modeled a frog :

And I made it ready for animation and stuff :

And I exported it to IQM format. Now I’m getting my dev environment ready !

Cheers :smile:


Got the model ingame, shader set to RgbGen Identity for the moment (Rgbgen VertexLit makes it all black ! maybe because the room is too simple, I don’t know…)

The next step is to get some animation working !

I’ll also try to get the parallax mapping to work !

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Models should use rgbGen lightingDiffuse, not vertexLit.

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Yay it works ! And so does the parallax mapping :smile:

Of course this needs some tweaking but that’s for later :smile:

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awesome stuff. could you maybe share the pk3, or do a tutorial for the animation? i cannot get bump-mapping or animation to work at all. it’s ignoring my mtr file :confused:

I didn’t work back on ioQuake since months, I’ve been busy with traditional art. So I can’t help you with animation atm.

For the parallax / mtr shaders, you have your shader file and the shader (texture) name have the exact same spelling ! watch out for typing errors also. Make sure your Parallax-related Cvars are turned on !

As for the texture, I’m pretty sure I was doing something wrong with mine because I couldn’t get rid of these weird deformations you can see on the screenshot.

I’m really busy on other things so I can’t prepare a pk3 and test it out right now sorry ! But I’m sure You’ll get it working after some time :smile: